Anti-Poaching and Investigations Training for Satpura Tiger Reserve Staff

(12 February, 2014)

Twenty-five field staff of the Satpura Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, India, underwent a nine-day intensive training course in February 2014, which imparted them with the skills to effectively carry out anti-poaching and wildlife crime investigation duties. The trainees ranked from forest guards to foresters and deputy rangers, including two female forest guards.

The course was conducted under Freeland India’s PRTOTECT- DETECT training programme where participants are empowered to carry out patrolling tasks confidently and safely within the forests (PROTECT) and also to comprehensively investigate a wildlife crime (DETECT). This training was specifically aimed at junior level staff (forest guards to foresters) of the Satpura Tiger Reserve.


Trainees practicing signals on patrol

The course was tailor-made for the ranks and mandates of the trainees. Initial theory classes were followed by extensive practical exercises. Course modules covered everything from an introduction to wildlife crime and first aid classes, to field craft, patrolling and actions on encountering violators and wildlife crime investigation.


Trainees learning to build a stretcher during the first aid session

The focus was on building confidence in carrying out anti-poaching activities and on imparting skills to carry out professional and thorough investigations. An overwhelming positive feedback was given by the trainees, with the average rating for each lesson standing over 90%. Trainees also ranked all lessons as 100% relevant to their work.


Trainees processing a mock forest crime scene

The course was conducted by Freeland India at the Indira Gandhi Forest Guard Training Institute, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh, India and supported and hosted by the Satpura Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, India.  It was co-supported by FREELAND Foundation and WildAid International.

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